Outside Every Day

As the days are getting shorter and the weather is notably cooler, we are tempted to stay in the cozy warmth of our home.  I have made the conscious effort to get outside every day since soon after the baby arrived.  So far we’ve done great with a solid 6 months under our belts!  She was born in the spring though, so the easiest seasons are behind us.  We are just coming into the latter parts of fall, and the air is definitely growing more brisk.  I am committed to getting my children, and myself out of doors for at least 20 minutes a day.  How can we feel part of nature if we’re not in it?  I’m not suggesting that 20 minutes is going to encourage much progress toward growing in line with nature, but for us, some days that’s what we can muster.  There have been rainy days, and we’ve even had our first snowfall.  I must recall that there is no bad weather, only bad dress.  I am writing this post today to remind myself of and to make public my commitment to get us out of this house every day!

Anyone want to join in?



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