Hosta and Asparagus Tofu

Spring is here!  Which also means that foraging dinner from our yard has begun.  Our asparagus is up and delicious when it makes it inside the house. It is often consumed as a fresh snack, so it never sees the kitchen!  Our hostas have also started poking their spears up through the ground.  When tightly coiled, they can be cooked and eaten.  Once they leaf out, they get rather tough and chewy.  My cooking at this time of year is inspired by what I find just outside the door.  For this stir fry I used some butter to fry the tofu, added in the asparagus once it started to brown.  Just before serving I added the hosta spears until the leaves wilted.  I served it over some quinoa with a splash of Braggs.  Verdict: delicious!


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