Salsify Stem Stirfry

Young salsify buds and leaves

The salsify has spread across our property.  A main criticism of planting salsify is that it spreads so readily.  I haven’t figured out why this is a problem yet.  Usually we hold out until fall when we harvest salsify roots, but since we have such an abundance of shoots in our yard, we have harvested young salsify stems and flower buds this spring to fry them up!  The result was a wonderfully mild cooked green that was easy to harvest and prepare.

Salsify fry with pine nuts and pepitas

To make this, young salsify leaves, stems and buds were placed in a cast iron frying pan with butter.  At a medium-high heat I fried them until they were starting to soften.  Then I threw in some pepitas (hulless pumpkin seeds) and pine nuts.  I served it up once the greens had gone limp.  This has become a staple vegetable on our spring table.


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